Chelsea Fairless

Things I've done for business & pleasure

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Things I've done for business & pleasure


Product Design

Graphic–centric products are my speciality. Whether you need a single t-shirt design or a 20-piece collection, I am here to solve all of your merch–related needs. 


Internet Stuff

My background is in digital content creation, social media, and e-commerce management. Over the years, I’ve run websites, blogs, and social channels for numerous companies and individuals. If you need a website designed, managed, or a heightened social media presence, hit me up. 


Creative Direction

I am obsessed with making images and collaborating with other creative people, here are a few projects that are particularly near and dear to my heart. 


Fashion Consulting

If there's one thing I know: it's fashion. After a lifetime spent studying clothes and working in the industry, I am uniquely qualified to assist brands with matters pertaining to branding and strategy, market analysis, creative direction, and trend forecasting.


Photo Editing & Research

I've completed dozens of image research and trend forecasting projects for a variety of clients including Revlon, Frederic Fekkai, Diane von Furstenberg & V Magazine. I'm also good at sourcing vintage clothing if you're into that. 


Special Projects


I am the co-creator of a popular Instagram account called Every Outfit on Sex and the City. Dubbed "Fashion's favorite Instagram" by Vogue, the account has garnered over 575,000 followers and been featured in dozens of magazines and websites including Dazed, i-D, & Glamour. I’m a Samantha, btw. (2016–present)


Cynthia for NY

Because of the success of @everyoutfitonsatc (and my progressive values), I became heavily involved with Cynthia Nixon’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign. I designed merchandise, threw a fundraiser, and wrote and produced a campaign video featuring Ms. Nixon and the comedian John Early. These projects garnered a great deal of press ( including The New York Times, Vogue, The Cut, and Vanity Fair ) and raised over $25,000 for Cynthia’s campaign.



During my four years as the Fashion Director of Vfiles, I oversaw all fashion-related projects including brand partnerships, advertising, and e-commerce. I worked extensively on the Vfiles Runway fashion shows. I also developed original multimedia content for the company's website and social channels. (2013–16)


Female Trouble

I recently launched Female Trouble, a tastefully tacky line of home goods and apparel. I manage all aspects of the brand, including product design, production, branding, marketing, and social media. (2017–present)